Green Career Brochure Assignment:

Points: 150 points
Due Date: Monday, March 7th

Choose a green career you are interested in pursuing. If you don't know about many green careers, think about what you might be interested in doing and browse the websites linked below for a related career.


  1. Research career and find information that will be included in your brochure (see below).
  2. Open Microsoft Publisher (can be found by selecting the start menu, clicking on All Programs, and then selecting Microsoft Office.
  3. Click on the Brochure option. Choose a template design you like. Click once to preview. Double click to open.

Create a brochure with the following components: (10 points per component)

  • Cover:
    • Include title of career/profession
    • Include a picture that illustrates a key component of the profession.
  • Inside Left: "Responsibilities"
    • Describe the kind of work or tasks people in the career perform. What does a typical day look like in that job?
  • Inside Middle: "Education"
    • Describe the education/training/skills needed for that career. Do you have to go to college? Get trained on the job? Go to a technical or vocational school?
    • List at least three colleges/schools (and their location) that offer the training needed for that career.
  • Inside Right: "Tools & Equipment"
    • List the tools/equipment people in these career use.
    • Include a picture that illustrates the tool or equipment used.
  • Back Panel: "Earnings"
    • List the average earnings of profession around the country.
  • Back Panel: "Location"
    • List places people in this profession work. Could be places in the country or the types of facilities where people work.
  • Back Page (Middle)
    • Include your name, block #, and date
    • Include another relevant picture for profession
    • List references (websites and sources you used)
  • Creatively constructed:
    • Used colorful font
    • Pictures are relevant to profession
    • Spelling and Grammar: No spelling or grammar mistakes are made