What is Coal? Coal is a cumbustible sedimentry rock that normally occurs in rock strata.

Where is Coal found? Coal is found in the US, Russia, China, New Zealand/Australia, and India.

How is Coal used? Coal is used for energy in houses and buildings. Coal is used to make coke, Coke is used as fuel when making steel.

Sustainable Extraction Policy

Individuals: Individials can become sick by the coal run off that is dumped into rivers. The coal miner company should dump the coal run off somewhere designated, and see if theres any uses for it. The individuals can also use less power which would mean less coal consumption. If both of these ideas work together the individuals quality of life and the environment would be better.

Community: The community can use less steel because of the Coal to coke to steel method. The community can try to find alternate methods of making steel. The coal company can find alternate methods or better uses the coal can be used for buildings and industries.

Global/Local Economy: The global economy can begin to cut down on coal uses, They can find alternate methods that can be traded to diffrent economys. The local economy can begin to find green energy that can be used and be sold at local stores to help the locals.

Environment: Coal emits CO2 which is one of the leading causes of global warming. It also destroys wildlife areas which makes the population of them decrease. Individuals can find alternate energy resources such as nuclear power, which is clean burning and also gives off alot more power then coal.

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