coffee is a brewed drink prepared from coffee beans that come from coffee plants.
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The seeds to make coffee are found in 70 countries, primarily in Latin America, Southeast Asia, and Africa.

Coffee is used as a caffeine boost, most people consume the beverage in the mornings to wake up. While some people will enjoy a nice cup of coffee with a desert after dinner, it is all personal preference.
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Some companies such as Eco Organic Coffee came up with an environmental friendly manner. Their idea is to grow the plants through shade farms rather than sun farms. This would be better for the environment because it reduce the amount of clear cutting that often precedes coffee tree planting. It would be better for the communities because there wouldn't be any houses affected because there are no trees being cut down. Another way would be an idea called Fair Trade, which would be better for individuals, it insures that small farmers will all be paid a fair amount of money for their job. This would also be better for the economy becase the price is based on the established price of the farmer.

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