-Copper is a chemical element. It is a ductile metal and has very high thermal and electical conductivitiy. If its 100% pure copper then its usually soft and mednable. It has been used for thousands of years for multiple uses. it is one of the oldest metals known to mankind. It is extremely easy to recycle. The use of copper is increasing more and more anyday.

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-Copper can be found around Lake Superior. Copper is found in mutliple spots around the world. Its mostly found in North America, Canada, South America, Chile and peru. You will find a lot of copper at old coin shops, yes it sounds stupid but its what a lot of people and companies do.

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-Copper is used for various thing likes making coins (pennies, and foreign coins), rooftops for houses or chuches or buildings. Its very cheap and used majorty of the time. It is used for copper wiring in houses. Also used for copper tubing for plumbing. it is mainly for jewerly and all types of wiring.

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