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*Cotton is a soft, fluffy staple fiber that grows in a protective capsule, around the seeds of cotton plants of the Gossyplum, (flower).

*Cotton has many natural resources uses:
  • Land: Cotton is very land efficient. It meets about 40% of the world's textile needs.
  • Water: Cotton is a natural drought and heat-tolerant crop. It provides a source of income for small growers around the world in places where no other crops can be grown.
  • Energy: From field to bale, cotton produces more energy than is required for its production due to the energy stored in the cottonseed.
  • Air Cotton has a neutral greenhouse gas footprint. Cotton captures more GHG than normal when credit is applied for the energy stored in for the cottonseed.
  • Habitat: Cotton fields supply oxygen, provide habitat for wildlife, and capture and store carbon.

Cotton is usually found in open fields/ or in cotton fields that are found in the Southern part of the US.


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Cotton could also be used in making clothes and textiles. It is used a lot because it is easy to spin into yarn, and can be washed and dyed. Cottonseed is also used for furniture padding, cotton swabs and maufactoring plastics

´╗┐Cotton is made for many resources that people use in their everyday lives. But there are better alternatives for using cotton. For the Environment, cotton fields can be replaced by fiber crops. These fiber crops are easier on the labor, and it is cheaper. The fiber crops is better for the environment because it is better for the workers who have to work on them, and it doesnt take alot of work to grow the crops either. Now for the global economy, the alternative for cotton would be Bamboo. The Bamboo is a better alternative for clothing and furniture. For clothing, Bamboo can be easily woven into a shirt, or pants. Energy is also used alot less to manufactor these. For the furniture, Bamboo can be used to make bowls, couches, chair's, and many other things. For the individuals, these alternatives change their lives. They make them see the differences between the alternatives, and cotton. It could show them how to change, and make the economy, and environment better. As for the communites. These communites that are materialistic and always depend on the best clothing, can learn to change their ways and could possibly change to different alternatives for cotton. Cotton can be used for many things. But there are also many ways to use it, and also many ways to substitue it!